Wipa calibration systems

We lighten the load

Stringent regulatory provisions, demanding operational requirements­, tight schedules – WIPA is a dependable partner and does more than lighten your load. ­Technology proven in practice and end-to-end service are inextricably linked at WIPA, where you can approach any task with a completely relaxed attitude.

Our fleet of eight state-of-the-art calibration vehicles and our network of service points­ enable us to cover both Germany and its neighbouring countries. We're at your location in no time at all whenever you need us!

Test loads for crane testing

Faster, more dependable, safer – it's simply better to carry out your crane­ testing at WIPA. It makes no difference whether light or extremely heavy test weights are used. And since our experienced employees bring everything they need with them and take care of every detail at your location, you don't even have to provide your own staff or resources. Convincing thanks to its high­ degree of professional­ specialisation and flexibility while guaranteeing maximum safety for your system, it's­ unlikely that you will find another supplier like WIPA.

  • We work with compact test weights in any required tonnage that can be assembled quickly, as well as transported to difficult locations, too­.
  • We transport ­test loads with our own forklift truck. The HGV need not drive into the hall.
  • Being able to assemble and disassemble faster means we ensure significant savings in time.
  • We only use certified lifting tackle.
  • We guarantee required test loads will be met with the greatest precision, thus avoiding maladjustments.
  • Our modular system ensures that ground loading­ is not too localised.
  • Calibratable weighing machines integrated­ with the crane system can also be calibrated and tested.

Our perfected system has been proven in countless deployments and under the­ most varied of conditions – we've been able to provide test weights for every crane so far. And we're sure to find a convincing answer to your request, too.

Calibration systems for large weighing machines

Fast, precise, economical – and you need not do hardly anything at all. WIPA offers you state-of-the-art, perfected processes for all types of large weighing system­. Our employees are experienced professionals and bring literally everything they need to do a perfect job for you – the right technology, organisational know-how and a willingness to be precise in every respect.

Vehicle weighbridges

The most varied of requirements for the calibration of vehicle weighbridges­ are a constant challenge – which WIPA is pleased to take on any time.

  • Our flexible calibration system allows the easy loading of weighing machines with extremely high weighing capacities and the smallest possible dimensions, too.
  • Weighing machine downtime is short, enabling you to save time – and costs, of course.
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Wagon weighbridges

The WIPA calibration system for wagon weighbridges is a special development of our company and protected under patent law. Our fully equipped calibration wagon will convince you with a full load of advantages.

  • You do not have to provide your own manpower or equipment.
  • Our self-contained, self-propelled calibration unit can reach weighing machines in the track bed, too.
  • We facilitate the highest of loads on the shortest of weighing lengths, as well as individual load steps.

Special weighing systems

Different weighing systems, specific requirements – WIPA always offers you the right concept for fast, cost-saving calibration.

  • Overhead weighing cranes
  • Silo weighing machines
  • Coil weighing machines
  • Wheel loader weighing systems
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It doesn't matter what task you set us, we can promise you an entirely convincing solution right now!

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